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Spirit Pet Fee: Costs for Flying with Your Pet on Spirit Airlines

Are you a pet owner planning to travel with your furry friend on Spirit Airlines? Understanding the airline’s pet policy, fees, and requirements is crucial for a smooth and stress-free journey. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines.

From booking and preparing your pet for travel to navigating through check-in and in-flight guidelines, we’ll cover every aspect to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your pet. We’ll explore the legal and safety considerations, as well as provide valuable tips for a hassle-free journey. So, if you’re ready to embark on a pet-friendly adventure with Spirit Airlines, let’s dive into the details of their pet policy and fees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spirit Airlines allows pets onboard, with a few restrictions and additional fees.
  • Be prepared when booking your pet on a Spirit Airlines flight, as there are specific requirements and guidelines to follow.
  • Ensure your pet is properly prepared for travel, checked in correctly, and follow guidelines and restrictions during the flight for a smooth experience on Spirit Airlines.
  • Spirit Airlines Pet Policy: Flying with Your Pet on Spirit

    When considering flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines, it is crucial to understand the airline’s pet policy and the necessary requirements for a smooth travel experience with your furry companion.

    Spirit Airlines allows small domestic dogs, domestic cats, and household birds to travel with their owners. It’s important to note that there are specific regulations and restrictions that travelers need to adhere to when bringing their pets onboard. For instance, pets must remain inside their carriers for the duration of the flight and should fit comfortably under the seat in front of the owner. There are limitations on the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight, so it is advisable to make the necessary arrangements in advance.

    • Regarding travel restrictions, Spirit Airlines does not permit pets to travel in the cargo area, and they are not accepted on international flights, with the exception of service animals. It is also vital for pet owners to ensure that their pets are in good health and have the required vaccinations before traveling.
    • When planning pet travel with Spirit Airlines, there are specific guidelines that pet owners must follow. This includes making a reservation for the pet in advance, checking in at the airport early, and providing the necessary documentation such as a health certificate from a veterinarian. It’s also essential to have a well-ventilated and secure carrier that meets the airline’s requirements.

    Does Spirit Airlines Allow Pets Onboard?

    Spirit Airlines allows pets onboard, including domestic dogs, domestic cats, small household birds, and small domestic rabbits, subject to specific guidelines and restrictions outlined in their pet policy.

    Booking Your Pet on a Spirit Airlines Flight

    When booking your pet on a Spirit Airlines flight, it is essential to make a reservation for your pet’s travel, ensure compliance with the pet carrier requirements, and follow the check-in procedures at the ticket counter to obtain the necessary boarding pass for your pet’s journey.

    Spirit Airlines’ Pet Carrier Requirements

    Spirit Airlines has specific pet carrier requirements for in-cabin pet travel, including guidelines on permissible carrier types, such as the Sherpa pet carrier, ensuring the comfort and safety of pets during the flight.

    Understanding Spirit Airlines’ Pet Fee Structure

    To ensure a comprehensive understanding of Spirit Airlines’ pet fee structure, it is essential to be aware of the applicable fees, reservation costs, and any additional charges that may apply for pet travel, particularly at the airport.

    Preparing Your Pet for Travel on Spirit Airlines

    Preparing your pet for travel on Spirit Airlines involves ensuring their readiness for the journey, obtaining essential documentation such as an ESA letter or a veterinary health certificate, and familiarizing them with the designated pet relief areas at the airport.

    Checking In with Your Pet at Spirit Airlines

    When checking in with your pet at Spirit Airlines, it is important to adhere to the specified pet check-in procedures, complete any necessary fee payments, and ensure compliance with TSA and security screening protocols for pet travel.

    During the Flight: Pet Guidelines and Restrictions

    During the flight on Spirit Airlines, specific guidelines and restrictions apply to pet travel, encompassing in-cabin pet regulations, considerations for pets in the cargo compartment, and any provisions for service animals accompanying passengers.

    Arrival and Claiming Your Pet at Your Destination

    Upon arrival at your destination with Spirit Airlines, the process of claiming your pet and ensuring their comfort and well-being post-flight is a priority, requiring adherence to the airline’s arrival procedures and pet retrieval guidelines.

    Traveling with Service Animals on Spirit Airlines

    Traveling with service animals on Spirit Airlines necessitates compliance with the airline’s service animal policies, including the requirement of an ESA letter and any specific arrangements for TSA pre-check or airport procedures related to service animal travel.

    Tips for a Smooth Experience Flying with Your Pet on Spirit Airlines

    For a smooth experience when flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines, consider practical tips regarding pet travel preparations, familiarity with pet fees and carrier requirements, and insights from customer reviews to enhance your travel experience.

    Legal and Safety Considerations for Pet Travel on Spirit Airlines

    When planning pet travel on Spirit Airlines, it is essential to prioritize legal and safety considerations, encompassing awareness of pet fees, regulations for pets in the cargo compartment, and compliance with security screening protocols to ensure a secure and regulated travel experience for pets.

    Customer Support and Resources for Pet Travel with Spirit Airlines

    Spirit Airlines offers comprehensive customer support and valuable resources for pet travel, including access to reputable platforms such as BringFido and CitizenShipper, along with adherence to the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation for pet transportation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Spirit pet fee for flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines?

    The Spirit pet fee for flying with your pet on Spirit Airlines is $110 each way.

    What animals are allowed to fly as pets on Spirit Airlines?

    Only dogs, cats, and small household birds are allowed to fly as pets on Spirit Airlines.

    Are there any size or weight restrictions for pets flying on Spirit Airlines?

    Yes, pets must be able to comfortably fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you and cannot weigh more than 40 pounds including the carrier.

    Do I need to provide any documentation for my pet when flying on Spirit Airlines?

    Yes, you will need to provide a health certificate for your pet issued by a veterinarian within 10 days of travel and a current rabies vaccination certificate.

    Can I bring more than one pet on a flight with Spirit Airlines?

    No, Spirit Airlines only allows one pet per paying passenger on their flights.

    What are the consequences if my pet does not meet the requirements for flying on Spirit Airlines?

    If your pet does not meet the requirements, they may be denied boarding and you may have to make alternate arrangements for their travel. In addition, you may not be eligible for a refund or may incur additional fees. It is important to carefully review all requirements before booking your pet’s flight on Spirit Airlines.


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